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5 Books to Read during this Fall and Winter (2020)

We are already in fall, and you have no excuse for not having a great book. Several anticipated novels are yet to be released this winter, but in the meantime, fall’s offerings include explosive novels, brilliant biographies, and everything in between. No matter what your preferences, there is a title coming out.

Below are our top 5 books you might like to read in fall and winter 2020.

Transcendent Kingdom
by Yaa Gyasi

New York Times Bestseller Yaa Gyasi’s book ‘Transcendent Kingdom’ is a novel about faith, love, science, religion. It is a story about a young woman who is recovering from several traumatic life experiences. In this novel, Gifty is a Ph.D. student whose research focuses on restraint and desire and how both aspects play into depression and addiction. The story follows Gifty’s life from when she lived in Huntesville, Alabama, to the present. She remembers her brother, Nana, a gifted athlete, and how he first played soccer in his childhood and basketball as a teenager. However, Nana got a game injury, which led to a brush with Oxycontin. Eventually, his brother died due to opoid addiction.

Gifty’s mother, a devout Christian, raised both children as churchgoers but never recovered from her son’s demise. She is still suffering from major depression, and when the book opens, Gifty requests her mother to be brought to the West coast to take care of her while she is in depression. Memorial by Bryan Washington.

Leave the World Behind
by Rumaan Alam

Amanda and Clay decide it’s the right time to go on a vacation. They travel with their two teenagers and head to a remote spot on Long Island. The family arrives at their rented Airbnb in Manhattan. Just as they are settling into their luxurious rental house, the homeowners, an older black couple by the name Ruth and G.H., hysterically knock on the door with cataclysmic news that an unexpected blackout has swept New York City. What happens next is a suspenseful thriller that details the complexities of parenthood, class, and race.

The Lying Life of Adults
by Elena Ferrante

It is challenging to be in adolescence. In this novel, Elena Ferrante, a New York Times Bestseller, a National indie bestseller, and a soon-to-be Netflix series brings out all the grievances, ugly passions, and unashamed certainties that become uncertainties in the long run. It all starts when Giovanna’s father remarks that she is beginning to look like her aunt Vittoria. For Giovanna’s parents, Vittoria is a swear word and an image of all bad things. But for Giovanna, her father’s statement sparks a fear that she is turning into her badmouthed aunt. This makes Giovanna wonder who she is and who she is turning into?

by Sue Miller

Also from a New York Times bestselling author. This is a novel about marriage, family, love, happiness, and sorrow. It is about Annie and Graham, who are both in their second marriage. The two met at Graham’s bookshop opening party.  Annie was enjoying her freedom after the dissolution of her marriage to her self-absorbed husband. At that time, Frieda, Graham’s wife, had walked out on their marriage and taken their son, Lucas, with her, but both Graham and his wife remained friends. The three form an extended family for Sarah and Lucas, Annie and Graham’s daughter. Annie is a reserved and introspective photographer, and she is about to have her first gallery exhibition. At this point, she does not doubt that Graham is her greatest love.

When Graham dies, Annie is lost and doesn’t see the point of going on without her beloved husband. While still mourning his death, Annie discovered Graham’s secret, which spirals her into darkness. Did Annie even know the man who truly loved her?

Digital Goddess: The Unfiltered Lessons of a Female Entrepreneur
by Victoria Montgomery Brown

The book starts with author Victoria Montgomery Brown (CEO and co-founder of Big Think) getting into a taxi going to the police station when she finds out she is strangely under arrest, a plan to tarnish her reputation by a former jealous boss. The book talks about dealing with how way things are, even when you don’t feel like doing them, and being yourself, even when it seems like a weakness. Sprinkled with lessons for business entrepreneurs and anyone struggling to manage anything, Brown uses her Harvard MBA intellect and Canadian sense-of-humor to impart guidance, advice, and what not to do.

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