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5 Steps on How to Become a Morning Person

With the arrival of the New Year, it is common to consider changes in habits that allow you to become a more productive and happier person, one of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to be a morning person.

Most people, and it is that since childhood with the school routines and homework we create the whole history of torture around the idea of ​​getting up early, however, this habit is associated with higher levels of performance, more proactive and successful people.

Morning person or Night Owl?

With the technological era, discussions have arisen if being an early riser is beneficial and the truth is that yes, currently 2 types of people can be known: early risers and nighttime people.

Early risers express ease to start the day and their activities during the day, having their highest performance during the day and reducing it at nightfall, people at night are the opposite, they are people who have a notorious difficulty to perform their tasks during the day, but at night they experience high levels of energy and creativity.

The truth is that our circadian cycle is structured under the effects of sunlight, therefore, biologically speaking it is more functional and healthier to be an early riser than a night person.

What Are the Benefits Of Being A Morning Person?

Waking up early is usually associated with good sleep habits, discipline, and a better attitude towards life. However, being a morning person has a very important biological impact.

Sleep is regulated by the circadian cycle, in which many hormones and neuronal signals intervene, in general, the body is designed to have a certain number of hours of daily activity, and a few hours of rest, during which the repair processes occur cellular and memory consolidation.

The circadian cycle has a genetic component, therefore, there are people or cultural groups with greater ease to wake up early, however, habits can always be created, especially if they improve the quality of life.

Benefits of Being A Morning Person

  • You will be more proactive

    Morning persons tend to be more confident and take leadership and initiative in their daily activities.

  • Promote Discipline

    In general, early risers distribute their time and have more order and planning in their activities, therefore, it is easier for them to be consistent with their projects; for example, starting a new training or nutrition plan.

  • Improves Mood

    Although traditionally it is believed that getting up early brings out the worst in us, this is not the case, when you create a habit of waking up early, your mood improves, because you rest better at night and when you wake up there is a whole routine to start the day, overall, this makes you a happier and more positive person.

  • Boost Productivity

    Starting the day early allows a better distribution of time, also helps you to perform tasks with greater concentration and creativity. With the increase in productivity, there is an increase in energy that allows us to face the day with a better attitude.

  • Improve Your Physical and Mental Health

    Starting the day early helps you to carry out your activities with time, this involves preparing a healthy breakfast and eating it calmly, enjoying coffee and a morning bath, these little routines not only improve your health and quality of life, they allow you to your mind will function more calmly and slowly throughout the day.

5 Steps to Becoming a Morning Person

  • 1. Set A Goal to Get Up Early

    Getting up early must involve a goal or reason, this will motivate you to do it, it should not necessarily be for work, you can plan a delicious breakfast or simply to have a little time to enjoy your coffee, read the news or add time to your day to perform your activities calmly.

    In the case of having children at home, getting up early allows them to start the day with more time and calm.

  • 2. Get an App to Wake Up

    There are currently many wake-up apps that cannot be muted with the snooze button. This avoids falling into the infinite 5 minutes more, which lengthens only serves to start the day in a bad mood and agitated.

  • 3. Put Suitable Curtains in Your Room

    Having a dark room is an invitation to stay in bed and makes it difficult for our biological clock to recognize the beginning of the day. To avoid this, use curtains that can dissipate the light from the outside during the night but that allow the sunlight to enter during the day, the curtains of light colors and soft fabrics are a good option. Also, waking up with sunlight helps activate the production of vitamin D and regulate the natural circadian cycle.

  • 4. Don’t Alter Your Sleep Routine Too Much During the Weekend

    Generally, on weekends we can sleep a little more, however, you should not abuse it because you will modify your sleep pattern and on Sunday night it may cost you a little more to sleep early, and getting up on Monday at your usual time will be a little heavier.

    Once you have found your morning rhythm, your body internalizes it and you will wake up only during the week.

  • 5. Create A Healthy Sleep Routine

    Getting used to sleeping at a certain time, ends by programming our rest cycles, to achieve this it is necessary to have an early dinner, reduce stress as the rest time approaches, you can add activities such as meditations, observe your favorite program or read an interesting book, this not only reduces stress, it helps create a sense of well-being.

Is it really important to be a morning person?

Studies indicate that creating healthy sleep routines and waking up early influence physical and mental health, the result of these habits is happier, more productive, and responsible people. Like all habits, constant practice is required to establish yourself, however, the benefits of being an early riser are quite striking, so it is worth a try!

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