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Best Times to Workout

You would be thinking about getting the best resistance bands for your strength training program, or you would be concerned about having the right fitness regime fit for you. These concerns are legit, and why shouldn’t they be? After all, you need to take note of every detail that would help you make sure your workout actually works. One of those details includes noting the right time to workout. 

A lot of you would be wondering what can be the ideal time for a workout. It turns out; it mainly depends on two factors: Your routine and your body’s circadian rhythm. Adjust them both with the best strategy, and you land upon the right formulation. In order to do that, you need to understand how these things work so you can find a way to implement them in your workout schedule. 

Your Routine 

Everybody has their routine that comes with some specifications – we have our schedules, our tasks, our hobbies, and our priorities differ from one another. The best way to fix your workout routine in your schedule is to first write down your schedule. If you go about your day without a plan, in just about any order, you would not be able to come up with a solid workout routine. 

There are some best times to workout in your routine if you want to stay fit and healthy, and these normally include before heading out for work or in between your working and resting hours. Some people usually fix that routine after meals. 

Circadian Rhythm 

Your body’s circadian rhythm is actually a biological clock. The melatonin hormone gets secreted by the time it gets dark, preparing your body for sleep. As the sun rises, your body naturally wakes up and adjusts its melatonin levels. The metabolism rate adjusts accordingly as well. Science explains that the metabolism rate reaches a high from 2 pm to 6 pm. This is where it is working at its fastest to burn excess fat, and when combined with workout routines, this time can be utilized by people who want to shed off extra pounds from their bodies at a rapid rate which is ideal for weight loss. 

Which Time is the Best?

Now that you know the important factors that decide your ideal time for a workout, it is time to actually come with the slot that works for you. According to these factors, two propositions come up: in the afternoon to evening hours and in the morning hours. Science explains individual benefits in both of them. Let’s consider the benefit in each slot. 

The PM Slot

This is the afternoon to an evening slot, where your body temperature, oxygen uptake kinetics, and overall metabolism rates are high. This means that you can use your resources more effectively during this time. For those who don’t have the time to do excess warmup routines, they can skip that part and go for the PM slot. 

This is because your body’s reaction time is the fastest during this workout time. It is specifically important for exercises such as high-intensity interval training or any speedy run on the treadmill. It is also the best time when your blood pressure and heart rate are at a stable rate. This decreases your chance of any injury as you perform any exercise to improve stamina. 

While some might caution the individuals regarding how working out at night time might be disrupting your rest, the research found that those lifting weights in the evening time got a better quality of sleep and had longer sleeping hours as compared to those who did the same workout in the morning time. 

The AM Slot

The AM slot, or the morning hours, is also considered ideal for working out. In fact, research revealed how subjects responded to meals after they worked out first thing in the AM slot. A study got conducted between participants having healthy body weights and those who were obese walked fast for about 45 minutes. They found that they were less distracted through visually appealing food pictures in comparison to when they were not able to exercise at all. 

Building upon such activity, the times when the subjects worked out in the morning, they increased their activity levels during the day even more than the days they did not exercise in the early hours. 

More benefits of going to working out in the AM slot involve an enhanced metabolism. This means you would be better able to burn your calories during the day as you are consuming them instead of at night time when you are sleeping. 

Studies also recommend that going for a fitness regime in the evening time could possibly compromise your sleep. Also, exercise can increase your heart rate as well as your body temperature. It ultimately means that sweat sessions late at night might be hindering your potential to get the shut-eye that you require. Studies also show that working out in the early morning hours in comparison to the evening or afternoon might help individuals have a better quality sleep at night. 

What Does Science Actually Say?

Another argument that makes a case for a workout the first and foremost thing to be done in the morning is that exercising on an empty stomach might help in burning excess fat. People who do exercise might be able to burn up to 20 percent of more body fat as they hit the gym having an empty stomach. It is a much attainable feat to do in the morning time, before breakfast, and after a full day in which you need to be regularly eating. 

Final Word

As the discussion goes, it actually comes down to the active biological mechanisms present for the body, and the circadian rhythm along with the routines we have planned for ourselves have an important role to play when it comes to determining our exercise routine. We can use them in a strategic manner to accelerate the benefits exercise can bring us, giving us the opportunity to see better results in significantly lesser time than anticipated. 

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