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Cleaning Out for A Fresh Start to The New Year

2020 was a transformative year and very different for everyone, however, it left many lessons, including the importance of caring for and paying attention to ourselves and our spaces.

During this year homes became work offices, schools, and places of recreation were the place where we stayed most of the year, this made some realize that their home was not so cared for or not. 2021 is here and with it, there are opportunities for renewal and new beginnings, so you must take the time to clean and tidy up your spaces to prepare and receive the good energy of the new year.

How Being Orderly Can Help You Feel Better

The exterior is an extension of our interior and this not only applies to physical appearance, but it also involves the appearance of our personal spaces, especially the home.

The feeling of tranquility and well-being that comes from arriving at an orderly and clean home is undeniable, as is the stress that comes from having chaos at home that simply seems to have no end, in the long term the disorder ends up creating stress and anguish in a place that is supposed to be a refuge, and all this also generates fatigue and discouragement.

In terms of order and mental health, cleanliness has a great impact on emotions and mood, some studies show the close relationship that exists between disordered spaces and the emotions and thoughts of the people who inhabit them, for that one of the best ways to start the year on the right foot is to clean and tidy up our most frequently used spaces.

Clean House, Clean Mind

Carrying out deep cleaning of the home can be overwhelming and exhausting, especially if they are spacious houses or are inhabited by young children, however, this activity does not need to be stressful, on the contrary, performing the New Year’s cleaning can become a Family tradition.

Benefits of performing the new year’s cleaning

  • Increases the feeling of well-being
  • Boost creativity
  • Create a sense of belonging
  • Improves productivity and performance
  • Burns calories, since it is a physical activity that demands effort

How to clean for the new year? Delimit the cleaning areas and delegate to your family members

Establishing which areas will be cleaned helps to organize cleaning tasks, this allows working in order. Some of the most important areas to clean are the office, bedrooms, and kitchen.

The members of the house can take care of cleaning their rooms if they are old enough to do so, if they are very young children it is convenient that you actively involve them in the activity, asking them to order their toys and clothes.

Functional organization

This refers to the organization of objects according to their use and function, for example, shoes must be in the closet, or a place intended for them, this does not mean that under the bed is a good place due to it is a space that accumulates moisture and can eventually deteriorate there.

Coats and bags should have a place near the entrance to be placed, this prevents them from being left anywhere in the house.

To achieve a functional organization, it is necessary to have places available for certain objects and to have free and easy access to them

Get rid of clothes and items that you do not use

Keeping many objects and clothes represent attachment, getting rid of things that you no longer use is a good exercise to practice detachment. This helps increase your confidence and confidence in making decisions.

You can establish 2 categories: Things that you have not used for more than 1 year and things that you have not used in the last 3 months.

Items and garments that have not been used for more than a year can be donated to charity if they are in good condition, if they are broken or damaged you must discard them.

Items that you have not used for 3 months can be placed in an easily accessible place and if you do not use them in the next 3 months you should consider getting rid of them.

Reorganize Your Spaces

Cleaning frees space and this opens the opportunity to reorganize spaces. Reorganize everything with inspiration and looking for it to favor your productivity.

Changes are good, especially when it comes to creating or renovating our spaces. Currently, there are many ideas for interior designs that are very attractive and functional depending on your interests. The changes in your spaces should be focused on creating spaces that match your lifestyle; For example, if you work from home, the idea is to allocate a quiet and pleasant area to work.

Rearranging space does not mean investing a lot of money, you just need creativity and make the most of the things you already have at homes such as furniture, sideboards, and tables.

Create relaxation spaces

During 2020, the house was the center where almost all the daily activities were carried out, especially work and school, this could slightly detract from the feeling of a quiet place that the home represents.

To improve this, use the New Year’s cleaning to create spaces that serve to disconnect from daily activities. This can be achieved by clearing areas such as the living room, this will allow you to place a small corner for reading or meditation.

In the case of children, they also need these spaces, therefore, you can make use of some nice space in your patio, if you live in a small apartment you can create small corners of creativity, with play elements, it can be a small house with sheets and lights

Cheer Up! Renew your home and ring in the new year with an orderly and calmer mind.

Cleaning for the new year involves a renewal of spaces and energy, it also helps to strengthen the relationship of the inhabitants of the home, it is an activity that renews the feeling of well-being and refreshes your most frequently used spaces, it also allows you to explore your creativity and ingenuity.

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