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Proven Tips To Get Rid Of a Pimple Fast

Just when you have done everything to get clear, blemish-free skin on a special day, a reddish bump pops up the day before that no concealer would do to cover it up. Good news for us, there are a few proven remedies that will work to get rid of the pimple fast, or at least minimize its appearance that you can layer a concealer on top of it. Read on and see which method works for you.

Using acne-spot treatment is highly recommended as the first method to get rid of the pimple as the product is formulated with scientifically-proven ingredients that will work with acne. Benzoyl peroxide is one of the well-known ingredients in acne-related issues, as it works by drawing out impurities from trapped pores and killing acne-causing germs, the one that created the pesky pimple on the first place. Simply dab a layer directly onto the acne and pretty much it’ll be in by the next morning.

Alternatively, you can use natural remedies of witch hazel or tea tree oil to get rid of the pimple. Tea tree oil has been proven as an effective remedy against acne-related issues for years. Keep in mind that the oil is slightly abrasive and it can cause redness, irritation, or even peeling of the skin especially if you have sensitive skin types. If this is your first time, dilute the oil with another oil such as jojoba or olive to reduce it’s concentration, before applying directly to the affected area.

Green tea is also highly recommended to treat your acne as it’s packed with antioxidants, polyphenols, tannins, and catechins that are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial – the two features that are beneficial in reducing the appearance of the pimple and eliminating factors that causing the acne to form on the first place, such as antioxidant epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) has been proven in multiple studies that it kills acne-causing germs, reduce excess sebum and heals inflamed skin.

Simply steep a bag of the tea and allow it to cool, before using cotton balls to dab some of the green tea on the affected area. Leave it overnight for the acne to reduce as much as possible by the next morning.

If you want to do what the aestheticians would do for the client that has acne, using ice cubes can certainly shrink the bump down (and this especially works for acne that forms underneath the skin’s surface). wrap the ice in a soft cloth and dab to the affected area a few times for 30 seconds. The cold temperature will shrink the size of the acne as much as possible, reducing the colour intensity of the inflamed area as well. Alternatively, you can use a frozen metal spoon for the same results. If it comes to a last resort, I wouldn’t recommend this as a consistent method, I also wouldn’t at all recommend this to those who have sensitive and extremely dry skin, but for those who need to get rid of or at least shrink that pesky pimple fast you could reach for a dermatologist tested rubbing alcohol, just take a Q-tip and soak it with the solution and simply dab it on the spot and leave it, and wipe it off before applying any products on top.

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